Discover the Potential of Exosomes

Discover the Potential of Exosomes

EXOSOMES – sophisticated, nano-scale, biologic signals encapsulated within extracellular vesicles, are being investigated for use in regenerative medicine applications and may become the foundation for the future of clinical diagnostics and therapeutics.

Learn about the cellular and molecular biology of exosomes, and the biological properties of mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)-derived exosomes that indicate their clinical potential.

Discover the scientific basis for diagnostic and therapeutic applications of MSC exosomes, as clinical researchers begin to discover potential benefits of exosomes.

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Scientific Articles on Exosomes

Modern medicine is evidence-based. Everything that physicians and surgeons do in practice is based on the discoveries made by basic scientists.

In vitro and in vivo studies of exosomes for diagnostic and therapeutic applications form the basis of future diagnostic tests and treatment modalities.

Learn how exosomes play a critical role in physiology and pathopysiology. Discover how mesenchymal stem cell exosomes may offer a new direction for the innovative clinical therapies, and how exosomes may help to optimize earlier and more accurate diagnosis.

Exosomes Educational Events

Learn about the cellular and molecular biology of exosomes from world-leading exosome scientists.

Discover the potential of exosomes for diagnostic and therapeutic clinical applications and the latest developments in exosome clinical research from physicians and surgeons.

Experience live exosome production and analysis including protein & RNA sequencing, flow cytometry, Nano Tracking Analysis, dSTORM super-resolution fluorescence microscopy and cellular bioassays.

Regenerative Medicine Marketplace

Find out what’s available in the marketplace for research and development in regenerative medicine. Discover the synergy and differences between products that could advance regenerative medical therapy.

From supplements to biologics, medical devices and diagnostic tools, see what’s coming to the marketplace for regenerative medicine.

Explore the emerging new paradigm of diagnostics and therapeutics. Learn more about the products and devices that are changing the face of regenerative medicine and beyond.